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Is Stress Killing You?

Stress is stress whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional. No matter the source, stress literally sucks off your core energy, your chi, prana, and your vital life force. Where do you get your energy from?? You get it from the Sun’s rays, the Earth’s atmosphere, and from the foods you eat; carbs, proteins and fats.

You probably already know that when you’re overly exposed to stress, your body becomes protein deficient. This is because your body’s taking protein from your cells & converting it to energy to manage your stress hormone needs. This means your cells don’t have enough protein essential for basic cellular repair or regeneration (replication). You’re growth is weakened; mind, body & spirit.

I see this often with soccer moms who are running their kids all over town trying to keep up. This level of activity disrupts the natural cascade of nutrients required for compounding perfect hormone health, placing many women in adrenal overload or hypothalamus distress. The hypothalamus controls the output of adrenalin and cortisol which gets stuck in overdrive and literally burns your receptors on your paraventrcal neuron located on your hypothalamus. This results in disaster to the delicate bio chemical and bio electrical balance of your body.

B Vitamins to the Rescue!

B Vitamins help with Methylation. Methylation is the process of converting Homocysteine, a toxic amino acid by-product of ingestion, into Methionine; a usable amino acid enzymatic catalyst which acts as a foundation for each and every amino acid necessary to sustain perfect health. Out of the 200 amino acids your body makes, it only uses 20 to assemble a perfectly healthy you. Methionine is the basic building block of all amino acids you need to be Divinely perfected.

B Vitamins also help support the neuro electrical system, by enhancing amino acid assimilation, which cascades into bio chemical balance. Essentially, you’re able to fortify cellular & bio electrical integrity in your body just by taking B vitamins! This is HUGE for anyone feeling stressed out. B vitamins literally feed your brain helping it calm down.

If you know you’re MTHFR variant, studies show you can’t uptake regular B vitamins. Trust your body needs Methyl-Folate to uptake B-12 & B-6. You may also benefit from HCY @ since it plays an important role in the conversion of 5 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. This conversion reaction, which requires adequate intake of vitamin B12 and folate, is essential for the multistep process that converts the toxic inflammatory amino acid homocysteine back to the usable building block of perfected health, methionine.

HCY is a solution to get the methylation process back on track. It targets the body’s cellular communication system, helping restore proper directives for cells to follow. HCY is on point for the MTHFR signal in cells.

Getting nutrients into the body is key but other internal factors play a role in keeping us stress free. The mind can be a detriment when it comes to relaxing. It can run on and on and on about yesterday, or worrying about tomorrow. Meditation, Yoga or Being Outdoors (unplugged!) may help quiet a restless mind, however, BioMat is a medical device that promotes negative ions which are known to magically unwind the brain and create a deep feeling of peace.

Now that you have your mind and body in working order with B vitamins, pick and choose foods that are light infused since they offer the best source of electron transference for optimal photoelectric conversions. In other words, fresh foods are infused with light from the sun and offer vital energy when eaten.

So eat from the bounty and stay stress free!

Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP


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