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Everyone interested in molecular biology, bio chemistry and genetics will enjoy the basic t



We’re Mostly Water
General Bio Physics 101

Understanding your body and how it works is paramount for experiencing the fullest life for which you were created. Therefore Founder/CEO Virginia Biasizzo, NDTP, explains the basics of the human body process as it relates to DNA therapy. 18 min.


Here is a list of videos and audio resources.



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The Ultimate Collection of Free Psychic Videos


Bio Electric 101


Molecular Visualizations of DNA

Fascinating Virtual DNA Assembly
The human body regenerates 1 million cells per second.  Inside each cell is 6 feet of DNA.  We make more than 6 million feet of DNA per second.  



The Inner Life of A Cell Video

A Cell’s Life
We make more than a million cells per second…cool to see.
This video shows the four stages of a cell. From YouTube, MoreThinking Channel.



Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

How to Raise Your Frequency & Increase Your Vibration

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Nikoli Tesla – Energy Of The Mind & Body

Bruce Lipton Channel – Epigenetics

The Power Of Genes & How They Adapt

Dr David Hawkings Map Of Consciousness

Gregg Braden Page, Cohering Mind & Heart

Gaia TV – Conscious Media Channel

Hay House – Wisdom Reading Room

Lissa Rankin – The Truth About Your Health

Dr Joe Dispenza Page – Change From The INside OUt

Heart Math Resilience Mentoring

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