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White Willow Wellness focuses on raising awareness of the functionality of epigenetics and the emotional connection in mind/body vitality.   Virginia uses proven methods to improve the balance of emotional responses to life which result in the perfected assembly of amino acid protein chains essential for supporting genomic expression and restoring mind/body vitality.

White Willow Wellness is an instrument to learn how to restore Harmony to the entire energy systems of the mind/body by supporting emotional, physiological and spiritual vitality and longevity.

Virginia BiasizzoNDTP is a pioneer in Functional Energy Medicine, Epigenetics & Frequency Therapies including Quantum Laser Therapy, Scalar DNA Therapy, Ozone Therapy, and Laser Acupuncture. Virginia is devoted to her clients and students seeking to live a more vibrant and radiant life. Virginia offers services on a global level in person and virtually.

Virginia Biasizzo

Virginia BiasizzoNDTP (Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner) specializes in Functional Medicine, Heart Math Mentoring Techniques, Epigenetics, Digestion, and is a 5 elements trained acupuncturist and frequency medicine specialist for more than thirty years. Virginia has dedicated her life to integrating functional Eastern and Western modalities within health care facilities, has developed a natural solution to align bio photons (cellular signals) back to normal and is a practitioner at White Willow Wellness. Virginia is passionate about educating people on epigenetics and how emotional reactions & thoughts transfer to the assembly of a perfect mind/body balance essential for acquiring vital longevity. Virginia generates a quantum energy field for participants, connecting them to their innate wisdom. This sacred space allows clients to be guided and anchored with their Divine essence, evoking new perceptions leading to vibrant changes. Virginia works with proven techniques essential for vital longevity to result.

Dr Bruce Lipton brought Epigenetics into the global consciousness through his book, The Biology Of Belief. A new science of how our responses to our environment adapts physiological variances within the body. In other words, how we feel influences how our body regenerates. Emotions emit a broadcast signal that is chemically delivered to various parts of the body offering specific instructions on how to perform tasks. This signal is electrical in nature. It’s energy derived. This insight is changing how we look at health, empowering participants to take charge of the belief that we’re victims of our genes predisposed ailments. The truth is our perceptions of our environment shape our biology and behavior, empowering us to be masters of our mind, body and spirit.

“We can literally change our reality by shifting our perception and thoughts. We have the opportunity to express ourselves at our fullest potential” says Dr. Bruce Lipton, renowned cell biologist.

Natural DNA Therapy addresses the Functional Epigenetics, or root cause of a condition as opposed to addressing symptoms. Using scientifically proven methods of reconnecting mind/body with one’s innate wisdom, participants move out of victim hood and into self mastery of living a radiant joyous life.


Quantum Light Therapy

“Fueling Your Body With Light”

QLT is a revolutionary approach to resetting the body by infusing light nutrients essential in revitalizing natural cellular regeneration. FDA approved & designed to holistically support pain management, anti aging, skin wound care, organ & gland balance, digestion and emotional well being.

QLT is at the leading edge of complimentary health care.


Quantum Light Therapy ~ Scalar Wave

QLT ~ Scalar Wave delivers advanced utilization of multiple waves including Scalar, Far Infrared, Violet, Ultra Violet, Red, Sine, SQ and more.

The Scalar Wave Laser is FDA approved to relieve muscle and joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms & stiffness, enhancing circulation, detoxification and cellular regeneration.

QLT & QLT~ SW are especially designed to speed up cellular repair and to stimulate the immune, lymphatic and vascular systems.

Quantum Light Therapy gently shifts cells, organs, glands, chakras & meridians into quantum space & the unified field. The human body is essentially light energy designed to gently rejuvenate cells by donating energy in the form of electron, stimulating mitochondria and increasing ATP. This process then stimulates cellular regeneration similar to Photosynthesis in plant life.

Bio Mat is an in home QLT FDA approved device available to individuals and practitioners alike. For more information visit: Biomats USA


We Are Divinely Designed

We are Divinely designed to be relaxed and at ease; neutral in the world. It’s our Divine nature. The Universe is also Divinely designed to be neutral. In fact, the Universe is 99% neutral energy. When we’re relaxed, our mind and body are open to the Universal Unified field of neutrality. This Divine energy field gently shifts us to its neutral energy vibration or frequency, enhancing cellular memory & perfecting cellular regeneration.

White Willow’s goal is to restore Divine harmony to the body’s energy systems, supporting physical, mental and emotional vitality and longevity.

White Willow is an instrument for you to learn how to relax, eliminate, assimilate and rejuvenate.

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