Heal by triggering DNA receptorsMolecular Thoughts
Heal by triggering DNA receptorsMolecular Thoughts

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White Willow Wellness is a pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine & Epigenetics.  Each and every experience we have, internally or externally, generates a broadcast signal communicating a chemical response within our body systems. These functional instructions to our cells are based on our perception of our environment. In other words, how we feel about what we are experiencing creates our physiological makeup of vitality or dis ease. Our beliefs, feelings, emotions, attitudes, words we speak and those we don’t, all have a direct and significant effect on our health and well being. The unique broadcast electrical signal, energy or frequency is in direct correlation of how our body replicates and responds cellularly, supporting ease or dis ease.  By using a system of proven methods to determine the signal energy efficacy of one’s cellular matrix, natural solutions are presented to regain and maintain vigor for life.


WWW unifies mind body techniques in order to replenish and regenerate perfected cellular and hormonal balance. When the mind and body are resonating in harmony with our higher purpose, the mind and body are balanced for ease. Ingestion, Digestion, Transportation, Assimilation & Elimination are key factors for discovering where nutrient deficiencies are present and where stress is occurring in the body systems.  All stresses are known to be rooted in the epigenetic makeup of our nature.  White Willow offers a variety of natural healthy solutions for every body to identify and rectify any habitual patterns of dis ease by guiding participants on a journey of self discovery.   Clients are encouraged to take charge of their body, allowing White Willow to use proven methods to guide them to enhanced youthful energy.   By appointment.


Virginia BiasizzoNDTP (Natural DNA Therapy Practitioner) specializes in Functional Medicine, Heart Math Coherence Mentoring, is a 5 elements trained acupuncturist and frequency medicine specialist for more than thirty years and is trained in epigeneticsimmunogenetics, digestion and nutrient assimilation. Virginia has dedicated her life to integrating functional Eastern and Western modalities within health care facilities such as Dartmouth Hitchcock and Harvard Medical and is considered a leader in Energy Medicine. Virginia is passionate about helping people regain and maintain youthful energy for life. Virginia educates participants seeking to live a more radiant life, on how and why we decline and what we can do to regenerate perfected youthful vitality. Virginia offers natural solutions globally, in person and virtually, to cohere a peaceful mind and vital body for life. By appointment.

Our Services:

  • Functional Medical Assessments
  • Virtual Consults Available Globally
  • Heart Math Resilience Coaching
  • Natural Genomic Solutions
  • Mind Body Coherence Techniques
  • Custom Blended Solutions
  • In Home Medical Technologies
  • Nutritional Testing / Assessments


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Heart Math Resilience Mentoring  

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